The North Face Ultra Endurance Men


The North Face Ultra Endurance Men

With its Vibram® MEGAGRIP outsole, Snake Plate™ forefoot protection and Ultra Protect™ CRADLE™ stability, The North Face Ultra Endurance lets you tear up the trail without tearing up your feet. Designed to endure in rugged terrain, the Ultra Protect™ CRADLE™ technology provides extra heel stability on uneven trails, while the rigid-yet-flexible ESS Snake Plate™ delivers on lightweight, heavy duty forefoot protection. Read the full product feature list below.

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Megagrip Sole

Vibram® MEGAGRIP outsole for durable sticky traction in all conditions.



  • Unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • Superior grip with rugged longevity
  • Optimal balance of stability and flexibility for ground adaptation