Velasca Ganassa


Velasca Ganassa

‘Ganassa’ means ‘The Boaster’ in English. It refers to a person that likes to draw attention to him at all costs, even by saying half-truths or exaggerations.

A name that is well-fitted for these derby boots that do not ask for permission or forgiveness but make a statement instead. If the rough look is for you, pair ‘Ganassa’ with dark denim jeans and you’ll be set for a stylish day in the city.

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Betulla Morflex

Vibram® Betulla is a blocker sole with Morflex compound and classic Vibram Carrarmato mountain design; thanks to its good resistance to wear and the extremely light weight together with good shock absorbing properties, it can be successfully used for resoling/manufacturing comfort and casual footwear.

Technology and Compound


  • Lightweight engineering for enhance mobility
  • High shock absorbing & extreme lightness for energy conservation
  • Excellent comfort in lifestyle shoes