Velasca Spazzacamin


Velasca Spazzacamin

‘Spazzacamin’ in English means ‘The Chimney Sweeper’. It’s the name of an old profession in Milan that is as timeless as the style of this shoe model.

Handcrafted in comfortable and waterproof suede leather with an important Vibram sole, ‘Spazzacamin’ is the right choice even during the most daring weather conditions.

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Betulla Morflex

Vibram® Betulla is a blocker sole with Morflex compound and classic Vibram Carrarmato mountain design; thanks to its good resistance to wear and the extremely light weight together with good shock absorbing properties, it can be successfully used for resoling/manufacturing comfort and casual footwear.

Technology and Compound


  • Lightweight engineering for enhance mobility
  • High shock absorbing & extreme lightness for energy conservation
  • Excellent comfort in lifestyle shoes