Nationality: Spanish (Basque)
Date of birth: 1974
Lives in: Leranotz, Navarra, Spain
Profession: Sport and physical education Teacher

A real tough cookie! With a 20-year career in athletics, raids and trail running, Uxue has an incredible number of fans, mainly in her native Basque country. 2016 was a remarkable year for her, with a third top-3 in a row at the UTMB® , a third place in Transgrancanaria and a second one in Lavaredo Ultra Trail. With such a season Uxue ranked 3rd overall in the Ultra Trail World Tour championship 2016. Uxue is part of both the Trailrunning and the SkiAlp Team Vibram. Her contribution is her great experience in training and racing, her fighting spirit that boosts the whole team and the fact she lives every moment at 100%.

2015 Eiger Ultra Trail (101km, +6700m): 4th
2015 Ultra Trail Mauritius (120km, +4500m): winner
2015 UTMB (169km, +9600m): 2nd
2015 Ultra Trail Mont Fuji (167km, +8600m): winner
2015 Ultra Trail World Tour ranking: 3rd
2016 Transgrancanaria (125km, +7000m): 3rd
2016 Lavaredo Ultra Trail (119km, +5800m): 2nd
2016 UTMB (169km, +9600m): 3rd
2016 Ultra Trail World Tour ranking: 2nd