Bottega Senatore Duilio


Bottega Senatore Duilio

Bottega Senatore Duilio Black – Full grain leather – Vibram rubber sole, Blake construction If the weather predictions are bad for the next few days, you will want to wear this footwear: Duilio. With its Vibram rubber sole made in Italy, you won’t have to worry about which shoe to wear any longer, be it for a ceremony, a party, etc. Even if it rain or there is snow, it won’t matter. Its skin is full-grain black, the processing of the sole is Blake; strong and comfortable.

  • The construction of the shoe is high profile, the best artisan quality. The processing is called Blake. Its peculiarity is characterized by a seam that combines the insole, the upper, the lining and the midsole. This process makes the shoe very durable over the years
  • The fine leather chosen with Master Craftsmen is the exceptional full-grain leather. The quality is very high and truly unique; soft and natural. Its perspiration makes the leather very resistant to moisture. The term full grain is attributed exclusively to the outer layer of the skin of the calf, which in practice is covered with fur. Once the hair is removed, the skin is tanned, but only after having passed a scrupulous check to measure its thickness. The pores of the leather are clearly visible; providing you the best quality in the market
  • Rubber sole made in Italy. Bottega Senatore has chosen the best rubber in the market, and it is Vibram, comfortable and safe. Walking in the rain or snow will never more be a problem.
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  • Superior durability performance
  • Grip and durability engineering for safe mobility
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