Sergio Grasso Walk&Ride Dynamik


Sergio Grasso Walk&Ride Dynamik

In the WALK&RIDE category, Sergio Grasso presents the Dynamik low boot: technology and style, the new experience in comfort. The innovative low boot designed for long walks is powered by Vibram soles that guarantee grip and durability at the same time and it can be coupled with its matching gaiter to create a high-performance riding boot. Stunning ergonomic design, superb finishes, quality leather and materials, versatility and lightness. For walking, riding, flying high.

Low boot with calfskin upper

Elasticised leather

Breathable lining

Front zip fastening

Vibram sole

Zip and sole in matching colours.

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Vibram Adele non-slip sole with Vibram XS Trek technology.

Technology and Compound

XS Trek

Optimal balance of traction and durability.

Responsive on unpredictable terrain.

Engineered for stability and comfort.