Nitro Capital TLS


Nitro Capital TLS

From the X-Games Big Air events, dropping into “no fall zones” in AK, to exploring beyond where the splitboard track ends, the upgraded Nitro Capital Snowboard boot will provide the fit, response, and support you will need to conquer your greatest fears.

The Capital was introduced to be Nitro´s flagship performance boot with a fit and response so precise that you can send it into a Gold Medal at X-games or navigate safely down a first descent in Alaska. The Capital´s customizable Internal Ankle Support, Power Tongue Stiffener, Hike `N` Ride Construction, and Adjustable Forward Lean features allow you to easily fine-tune the performance of the Capital to match the response you need for what lies ahead of you. The Hike `N` Ride Construction, Armored Spine, and new 45° Laceglider allow you to take the Capital deep into the backcountry on your splitboard with ease and confidence, while also allowing for fine-tuned performance all around the mountain. The Air Dampening technology combined with Nitro´s Therminator Shield, and Cloud 10 Liner will keep your feet comfortable and warm no matter the conditions. Grip and tread durability have been equally advanced with the Vibram® Outsole made of Icetrek™ and Arctic Grip Vibram ® Compounds with D3O® Shock Absorption to allow you to summit the iciest of faces to get to the powder that is out of reach for most with ease. The progression of advanced boot technology is key to allowing riders to continue progressing their riding, and with the Nitro Capital snowboard boot you are destined to reach new peaks and goals on and off the board.

Vibram outsole made of Vibram Icetrek and Vibram Arctic Grip compounds with D3O® Shock Absorption.

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Icetrek and Vibram Arctic Grip Sole

Vibram outsole made of Vibram Icetrek compound and Vibram Arctic Grip technology with D3o® Shock Absorption.

Technology and Compound


Specifically engineered and designed to perform on wet ice.

Vibram perfromance, quality, durability.

Improved grip on cold, iced or snowy surfaces compared with existing Vibram soles.


Superior grip on icy surfaces and cold terrain.

Engineered for low to very low temperatures.

Rubber compound suitable for indoor/outdoor.