Lemaitre Trek Noir S3


Lemaitre Trek Noir S3
The Trek Noir S3 work footwear range by Lemaitre offers a series of flame and heat resistant models.

  • Available in European sizes 35-48, with a women's range also, it features a flexible and resistant leather upper
  • Greater protection is provided by reinforcement on the toe and heel.
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The Vibram® LM3 sole has been exclusively developed and designed for the Lemaitre Trek Noir S3 footwear line and has been specifically engineered for work environments (indoor and outdoor).

  • The sole, made from the Vibram Fire&Ice compound, offers outstanding hold on surfaces contaminated with oil and debris and its grip remains unaltered even at very bitter (up to -20°C ) or extremely high temperatures (up to 250°C)
  • The tread design is distinguished by: wide contact areas to enhance grip, wide rubber lugs, which help to increase stability and wide grooves that aid oil drainage
  • The high side profile works to protect the foot and provide greater safety.

Technology and Compound


Superior performance industrial compound.

Engineered to withstand extreme temperature ranges (-20 °C to +250 °C , -4 °F to +482 °F).

Meets the NFPA requirements for flame resistance.