Podartis Activity Plus


Podartis Activity Plus

The clinically tested protected finished insole Activity plus is cushioning and propulsive, and it is ideal for protected active life.

The stabilizing heel cups helps prevent sprains, while the Podiane + Ultrastop insert under the heel provides shock absorption and helps reduce heel pain and to accommodate calcanear spurs. The shell with elastic support and the Vipod® by Vibram® cushioning insert allows to protect the foot and provides an elastic response for a better sports performance. The Drypod® hi-tech cover shows dermo compatibility and sweat absorbing tested and certified properties. The Activity Plus orthotic also has a protective and cushioning Poroair layer.

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Vibram® Vipod® is an innovative material for orthopaedic footbed, able to reduce plantar pressure peaks and distribute loads on the Skeletal structure.Moreover it is Dermocompatible and it doesn't cause skin allergy reaction. Being Bacteriostatic, it limits the growth of bacteria. Also as it is Fungicide, it kills fungal spores.