Podartis Xdiab Lady


Podartis Xdiab Lady

Xdiab Lady is a therapeutic shoe designed for the diabetic foot (risk 2-3). It is ideal for all those who suffer from severe foot deformities, peripheral arterial disease or loss of protective sensation.

It is also suitable for all those who have history of foot ulceration or amputation, thanks to its structure it helps to avoid re-ulceration: the upper in stretchable Flexpell® allows to accommodate deformities; the biomechanical rigid Wellwalk® rocker outsole with Vibram® tread reproduces the natural foot gait, reducing the stress of all forefoot joints.

Thanks to its extra internal volume, it allows to accommodate big feet and to insert a custom made insole. The double Velcro closure ease to tie the shoes.

Clinical tests proved the effectiveness of Wellwalk®outsole in particular for people with limited joint mobility.

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Vibram® Pluriball is a Vibram® Newflex compound sheet with the new Vibram pluriball design; because of its excellent shock absorbent capacity and light weight combined with exceptional resistance to wear and the special non-slip design, it is recommended for resoling/manufacturing orthopaedic shoes, when great stability is required.

Technology and Compound


  • Cushioning performance
  • High shock absorbing for maximum energy conservation
  • Comfort and durability engineering