Country: Switzerland

Year of Birth: 1997

Speciality: Skyrace/Vertical Kilometer


Roberto started running in 2010, when he was thirteen, before was a table tennis player. He started his career with a vertical race on the snow, from that moment he felt in love of this amazing sport! Member of the Vibram Team since 2015, his speciality are sky and vertical races, where he won several times the World champion titol U20 and U23. Longer is the vertical most confident he feels himself and technical sky races between 20 and 35km, where you need speed and reactivity on downhills. The secret of his success is dedication, ambition and loving suffering in the mountains, passion that he will want to transmit to further generation and about he's studying for.

  • 2021 Vertical World Champion ISF
  • 2019 Skyrace World Champion ISF U23
  • 2018 Vertical World championship ISF U23
  • 2017 Skyrace World Champion Skyrace ISF U20
  • 2017 Combine World Champion ISF U20