FiveFingers KSO Vintage Limited Edition

Keep Stuff Out. KSO is a powerful force. It transcends the boundaries of distance, language and culture. The KSO Vintage is a fresh new take on one of our most popular FiveFingers styles of all time. There are many ways in which the VIBRAM FiveFingers Brand serves the needs of athletes and outdoors enthusiasts, and this multidimensional portfolio not only fuels the engine of sport, it also allows us to drive innovation and new ideas. Our focus on the consumer and their unbounded passion for sports helps us drill down to continuously find ways to grow in new avenues of innovation and provide opportunities to create amazing products to serve FiveFingers users even better.

As an example, we've heard from Consumers a frustration that footwear that might be comfortable at the beginning of a run can become uncomfortably hot at the end of a run. So imagine how fantastic it is for us to present a product with such lightweight material that adapts to the foot’s shape, temperature and which helps control moisture. With a thickness of 1.5 millimeters, the Vibram XS Trek performance rubber outsole is extremely durable, yet one of our most minimalist offerings, providing maximum ground feel. The KSO Vintage performs well in and around water. Plus, it features our extremely popular single strap hook-and-loop closure system. Versatility is key, as it performs well both indoors and outside, on flat surfaces, uneven trails, and even around town while running errands. Anywhere you want to connect to the ground.

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