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Jan 1, 2014

Vibram at 2011 Beijing Design Week

From September 28 through October 3, Vibram , the leading Italian brand for high technology shoe soles and the creator of the iconic fivefingers® shoes, will attend the 2011 Beijing Design Week . “Nudethinking” will be unveiled as Vibram’s driving philosophy behind the shoes, showcasing its creativity and design excellence and engaging visitors to experience it themselves. The Vibram Creative Lab, located in the 751 D- Park Design Square , will introduce all the visitors to the history of Vibram , from its first Carrarmato sole in 1937 to the ‘barefoot revolution’ brought about by the Vibram fivefingers® product. Vibram’s global designers will be onsite to share the meaning of “Nudethinking” with visitors. In addition to experiencing the unique 360-degree Vibram design, visitors will also be given a chance to wear the groundbreaking Vibram® fivefingers® shoes and be given an opportunity to try the amazing and challenging X-Game Slackline. The Parkour, BMX and Slackline performances of the Vibram Tester Team will also attract fans and visitors and reveal the high technology of Vibram soles , providing a Sport@Desig feast for the both the eyes and the senses.

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