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Jan 1, 2014

Vibram FiveFingers® at Rimini Wellness

Next May 12-15, Vibram FiveFingers® will participate in Rimini Wellness at Fiera di Rimini ( HALL A3, BOOTH 001 ), with a calendar of activities involving the practice of Cross Fit, Pilates and Fitness with Vibram method. Enza Arrizza, cadet of Romana Kryzanowska, will bring the Pilates original method applied to the original barefooting Vibram FiveFingers shoes. Davide Garavaglia, master CrossGym Functional Trainer, and RKC trainer fit Cross Trainer (International Kettlebell Certification), will appears for Cross Fit and will demonstrate the importance of using Fivefingers in the discipline. Stefano Stradella, 5-time Kick world champion, will show Thay Boxe and Kick Boxing techniques and will involve visitors in training work-out for a correct use of Vibram FiveFingers®. Giulia Bianchi, aerobics Italian champion in 2008 and European champion in 2009, will act Competitive Aerobics clinics. Sergio Rossato, Vibram Tester for the fitness industry and creator of the method for VIBRAM Fitness, will perform Fit for Foot fitness sessions. VIBRAM FIVEFINGERS® FOR FITNESS: Improve dynamic and functional movement of the body Strengthen muscle tone over the entire biokinetic chain Increase balance, body awareness, and calorie burn Stimulate muscles and connective tissue Enhance your performance in all dynamic activities Reduce the chance of injury Tone the body, beginning at the foundation Remember you have two feet with ten toes! Become more aware how to reduce the risk of injuries Feel the ground and connect to every surface. Play and have fun as you experiment and discover the world while barefoot.

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