Assisted by Pirelli, Vitale Bramani patented his Carrarmato Design.


Since 1937

We got soles.


From rubber mixes to final soles, all Vibram products are selected and tested using strict quality controls in our laboratories.



The first Vibram production facility opened. Vitale Bramani liked to hand delivery pay checks to his employees in Albizzate, giving them a Swiss Marengo or a gold Shilling each.



The first Italian expedition on K2. All members wear boots with Vibram soles.

Ph. from the magazine “Epoca” n° 203 - August 22nd, 1954.



Vibram designed three different types of soles for the Italian expedition to K2: “Hercules” for the first steps, “Roccia” for medium altitudes and “Montagna” to use over 7600 meters.


Late 50's

The Vibram Store in Milan was an hangout for the middle-class society and mountain lovers. The colors of the interiors were inspired by the “Vibram” 1950’s logo.

Ph. from “Vitrum” Magazine n° 13 May-June 1959



Vibram joins the safety market, launching the Security sole, the first sole guaranteed for the life of the shoe.



To highlight the new innovative “marca oro” (golden brand) compound, a yellow plate is adhered to the “1100 Montagna Suole” (1100 Mountain Soles) and “1100 Montagna Tacco” (1100 Mountain Heel). Over time, this plate would go on to become the symbol of the company.



The first American expedition on K2. All members wear boots with Vibram soles. The summit of k2 will be conquered by the Americans in 1978.

Ph. of the American expedition courtesy of Diane Whittaker.

More pictures from 1975 expedition