05 Climbing Events

Compared to mountaineering, which is commonly practised with just a few people, climbing has become a social sport—one that brings people together. This is best seen when looking at some of the most important climbing events and festivals, where the focus often lies as much in the get-together and social aspect, as in the climbing action.

Melloblocco is the perfect example: one of the largest outdoor climbing events, hosted annually for many years in the beautiful but small Val Masino and Val di Mello. Thousands of climbers from all over the world flock to the valley each year, to celebrate the bouldering festival, with countless bouldering challenges, workshops, slideshows, and parties. Some of the world’s best boulderers join the festival to conquer the most challenging boulders bountied with prize money, free for everyone to try. Others just come to watch or enjoy some relaxing bouldering in the meadows.

The Milano Climbing Expo is a newer event, in one of the biggest gyms in Milano, Urban Wall. The main event is based on a show where some of the best competitive climbers in all disciplines are invited to compete against local athletes. The crowd is awarded with a competition which has the feeling of a world cup, with many big names present, but can also get some action done itself, on many of the newly set boulders and routes. Of course, an afterparty cannot be missed, to cap this great annual event.

Finale for Nepal is a charity event in the legendary Italian climbing area, where a bouldering show with international athletes aims to fundraise for several charity projects in Nepal, like setting up schools and supporting local communities. Many boulders are setup for attendees to try, and together with workshops and an expo, it makes the event the perfect get-together for a good cause.