16 Vibram XS Edge

Developed to provide maximum edging support, the Vibram XS EDGE compound delivers improved durability and excellent precision grip, while adding a higher level of firmness for the most challenging edging moves. Thanks to an improved resistance to distortion, it maintains its shape even on the smallest edges. Vibram XS EDGE maintains its consistent feel in both hot and cold temperatures. Recommended for situations when support is the priority.


  • . Ultimate climbing
  • . Superior Edging
  • . Perfomance: pure edge and durability
  • . Use: demanding rocks, multi-pitches


  • . Precision grip and high durability
  • . Ideal firmness for micro holds and edging
  • . Optimized for extreme, long routes

Babsi Zangerl, Climbing Team Vibram:

“For many long and hard routes in the mountains, or on the big walls in Yosemite Valley, the main thing I need is stability. Vibram XS Edge is the perfect match for the smallest edges and features on hard granite rock. It enables me to keep climbing for long days in a row, trying to conquer the biggest walls of my dreams. This is a compound that I can always count on. The more pressure I give, the better my feet stay on the wall. It has almost something magical.”