14 Vibram XS Grip

XS Grip stands out for the great balance among all its features, grip, edging performance and durability.

XS Grip provides very good results in many kinds of situations and works well on small difficult footholds on steep routes, friction slabs and overhang walls.

Thoroughly tested, has demonstrated its performance on many of the most difficult routes in the world, has won world championships and major international competitions.


  • . Vertical excellence
  • . Precision hold
  • . Performance: All-around grip and durability
  • . Use: indoor and outdoor climbing


  • . Good shape stability
  • . Performance on every climbing surfaces
  • . Long lasting grip

Nicolò Balducci, Climbing Team Vibram:

“No matter if I go climbing on rock or in the climbing gym, the rubber compound on my climbing shoes is key in giving me trust and the ability to stay on the wall. XS Grip gives a fine balance between stickiness on the wall, and stability on small edges and structures. Knowing that I can trust my feet when it comes down to that moment of falling or staying on the wall is exactly what I need.”