Officine Creative


Officine Creative

Urban boot whose design was strongly influenced by the very first US working boots, but leaving their technical aims in order to include more fashionable and contemporary aspects.

This peculiar yellow boot is supposed to be used-looking, as demonstrated by the large number of coloured streaks crossing it, the little glove pockets on its upper, the deliberately scratched Vibram Montagna Block sole with coloured random stains on it.

The sole has been enriched by mounting it on a leather opanka providing a hand-crafted preciousness while covering and protecting the upper.


Montagna Block

This is the Vibram Montagna Block, the time-tested and proven sole, the pinnacle of the building of the Vibram brand. With its wide outer lugs and world-recognized Montagna star lug design, you can be sure of your traction and braking on steep inclines and rocky terrain. Made exclusively for Wesco with Vibram Fire compound, the Montagna Block is made to withstand the extreme temperatures found in wildland fires. And for those who make sure to maintain their boots, the Montagna Block has a separate sole and heel, making it easy to resole.

Technology and Compound


Tested on the world’s highest peaks.

Maintains performance at extremely low temperatures.

Firmer compound for maximum support and durability.