Podartis Activity 1.0 Hero


Podartis Activity 1.0 Hero

Everybody can have benefit from 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity. Those who have foot deformities or present risk factors, have to use the right tools.

Podartis has created PODYNAMICA®, a line of products specifically designed to allow everybody to enjoy a healthy and protected physical activity. Podartis Activity are the only clinically tested shoes with specific characteristics: extra internal volume to accommodate deformities, swollen and bandaged foot and a custom made insole; seamless lining upper in order to avoid painful frictions; stabilizing back counter that supports the foot by increasing stability and balance; superlight structure and biomechanical semirigid WellWalk® outsole that assures a smooth transition between the three phases of the foot gait, reducing the foot pressure peaks. The outsole with tread powered by Vibram® assures an intensive grip and high resistance to abrasion.

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Vibram® Quadrifoglio is a soft rubber sheet with the classic Vibram wave design. Ideal for die-cutting soles, heels and inserts, for both elegant and casual shoes. The product features excellent modular stability in cutting and die-cutting.


Technology and Compound

XS City

Distinguished grip on city environments.

Safe walk on wet.

Optimal compromise between durability and grip.