Sergio Grasso Walk & Ride


Sergio Grasso Walk & Ride

The innovative low boot of Sergio Grasso Walk & Ride collection, designed for long walks in spare time, perfectly fits with gaiters and turns into a high performance horse-riding boot.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Refined details and high quality materials
  • Versatility and lightness
  • Vibram® Adele sole
  • Sergio Grasso Walk & Ride is a perfect mix of technology and style, for a deep comfort to discover



Vibram® Adele is a sole intended for travel and urban "trekkers", also ideal for horse-riding.

  • It adapts itself to the biomechanics of the foot
  • It provides with sensitivity and grip even on the stirrups
  • Self-cleaning in the mud
  • Grip on both heel and toe

Technology and Compound

XS Trek

  • Optimal balance of traction and durability
  • Responsive on unpredictable terrain
  • Engineered for stability and comfort