60% energy from renewable sources in 2018.


Stakeholders ask: what are Vibram’s main goals to optimise its energy consumption?


Our approach:

We believe in energy transition, which means using only the renewable energy we really need. We are moving along two lines: reducing energy consumption with more efficient processes and state-of-the-art systems; using clean energy only.

What we have done:

Since 2018, 100% of energy for the Italian site comes from renewable, Italian sources; installation of LED lights.

60% of energy in the American site is renewable. Some of the steam presses have been replaced with electric presses, using individual hydraulic pumps, which are much more efficient than high-pressure centralised pumps. They also make it possible to switch on only the machines being used.

In China, a solar-energy system has been installed, in addition to using the renewable quota present in the country’s energy mix. A thermal insulation project is underway, with double-glazed windows and insulating ceilings. The cooling system in the workshop is based on water evaporation, consuming less energy than air-conditioning.

A glance to the future: our commitment

-10 reduction of energy consumption.

Focus on… A snapshot of the Tront sole

Vibram has concluded the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the Tront sole, the first step towards obtaining Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification. The assessment generated a "snapshot" of the Tront model in terms of the main production drivers (materials, waste, energy consumption, transport, direct emissions, etc.), thus determining the environmental impact of the sole. An example? The production cycle of a pair of soles produces 4.3 kg of CO2, slightly less than the amount emitted by a person cycling to work for a month* or the amount required to serve grilled fish**.


*source: Ecf **source: BCFN