18% ratio of kg waste/pair of soles produced in 2018.


Stakeholders ask: what is Vibram doing to reduce and recycle its waste?


Our approach:

Reducing scrap and waste is one of the key aspects of sustainable development. This target also includes the virtuous management of waste, from the perspective of a circular economy. We can achieve this by working on many fronts: cutting down production waste, also through more efficient processes, reducing office consumable waste, and eliminating hazardous waste.

What we have done:

Waste is monitored to make the production process more efficient.

In the Italian and American site, we have installed water distributors; every employee has received glass bottles and water-bottles. To reduce disposable plastic dishes, all employees have access to cups for coffee and water-bottles, in addition to the shared cups in the canteen.

In the Italian site, we have increased recycling drop-off areas for separate collection. Information on everyday actions to reduce consumption (and therefore environmental impact) at home and in the office. Printing processes: we have saved 500,000 sheets of paper by the digitization of documents.

In the American site, we have recycled large volumes of water for the cooling tower to reach the target of ‘zero waste of industrial water’.

Focus on…At the summit of "no waste"

The best waste is no waste. Reduction measures are the priority of the hierarchical principles regulating the sustainability of waste and these require improved corporate efficiency.

A glance to the future: our commitment

more than 60% external recycling of soles at end of life by 2022.