New Compounds and new patent.


Stakeholders ask: how will Vibram products change according to sustainability plan?


Our approach:

Vibram soles are reliable, high performance and high quality: we also want them to become more and more sustainable and long-lasting. We carefully examine the production processes and the sustainability performance of our products and investigate new opportunities to reuse and recycle production scrap, in line with the principles of circular economy and environmentally sustainable design.

What we have done:

We have conducted research and development of new products (EcoStep) and of new compounds (N-Oil).

Focus on:

The power of connection:

The positive fusion of different ideas lies behind the Vibram Connection Lab, a multi-purpose laboratory created in 2018 during Milan Design Week as a hub that can unite stimuli from different sectors to foster inspirational creativity, one of Vibram's core values. It was here that the 1017 Alyx 9SM footwear models came to life, giving concrete form to the concept of the Nike x MMW Free TR 3 SP sneaker that can double as inspiration for training (naked version) and urban style if you add the Vibram cramp-on. “I think the most sustainable thing in the world is to make something that lasts for a long time and this led me to work with Vibram,” says the designer Matthew Williams, “which gives you another reason to buy the product. Working with experts in each specific field means that, thanks to everyone's know-how, you can take a step forward”.

A glance to the future: our commitment

6 sustainable projects of research into compounds.