Training in soft skills & sustainability ration on overall training.


Stakeholders ask: how will Vibram’s employees and local community be involved in “The Sustainable Way” program?


Our approach:

The people who work at Vibram are precious resources, worth building on and involving in order to become seeds of change. The sustainability awareness and training plan is a cornerstone of the Sustainable Way, involving both employees and the community.

What we have done:

A study of sustainability awareness and sensitivity of all employees has been implemented. We published digital and printed information resources and aids in the communal areas of the corporate sites. We organized several team-building and theme events. In the Italian and Chinese sites we engaged our employees in fun training days.

How we chose the ngos we support:

SUPPORTING PEOPLE: Welfare activities, supporting people's wellbeing

EDUCATION: Educational activities associated with school and the ties between the world of school and the world of work

LOCAL COMMUNITIES: Support for associations based in areas where they have offices or plants, restitution of resources to where they come from

ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Sports and/or activities in contact with nature, in particular with life in the mountains

ENVIRONMENT: Raising awareness of environmental protection

SPONSORSHIP: Research and development of best practices in collaboration with corporate foundations or consortia.

Focus on…The journey of the stars: a symbol of willpower and courage

Vibram has been collaborating for several years with B.Live, the project of the non-profit Fondazione Near Onlus, with a container of activities and workshops dedicated to young people from different hospital institutions affected by serious and chronic diseases. Vibram and B.Live are involved in many activities with a view to inclusion and open innovation. One of these is a new model of shoes, whose sale supports the association. In addition, from May 26th to June 2nd the "Viaggio delle Stelle" (Journey of the Stars) took place from Milan to Cortina, a bike ride that augurs well for the Winter Olympics. Vibram accompanied the B.livers along the way with the Sole Factor truck, soling the youngsters' shoes before the start with special outsoles. The places the B.livers reached are a symbol of willpower and courage, in an outdoor journey that pushed them beyond their limits, fully in tune with Vibram's DNA.

A glance to the future: our commitment

+20% increase in training hours.