Country: Italy

Year of Birth: 1981

Speciality: Skialp


One the strongest Skialp Italian athelte in skimo, with several victories both on national than in international skimo competitions, Katia is also a dreamer that fights to promote her favourite environment, the mountain. With a past of banking she have been such brave to leave certainties and changing life, starting manage a mountain hut on the Marittime Alps and be active in this field, contrasting the depopulation with always the smile on her face.

  • 2021 1st Italian National Cup 2020 - Tour del Mont Scera (ITA)
  • 2020 4th Italian National Championships 2020 - Campionati Italiani Assoluti (ITA)
  • 2018 1st Pierra Menta (FRA)
  • 2018 1st Altitoy-Ternua (ESP)
  • 2018 2nd Patrouille des Glaciers (ITA)