Trezeta Rogue


Trezeta Rogue

Trezeta Rogue was designed for cutting-edge performance during fast outdoor activity, when lightness, flexibility, comfort, grip and shock absorption are required.

  • The uppers are in reinforced mesh featuring new seamless technology
  • IHS (Integrated Heel Support) technology and reinforced heel for excellent support
  • Lacing to the toe
  • Bellows tongue
  • Natural Ventilation Technology
  • Vibram® Lynx outsole



After a lengthy development process involving continuous tests in the laboratory and in the field, Vibram® Lynx was created, an innovative sole (developed as an exclusive for Trezeta) in every way in terms of materials, design and construction. Made with the cutting-edge Vibram® Icetrek compound, Vibram® Lynx is based on 2D Technology: a new ultra-light and flexible material that combines the best properties of traditional EVA with those of rubber and innovative polymers. The extreme lightness is joined by superior resistance to both wear and pressure. The result is great tenacity and a sole that will stay in its original shape for much longer than traditional EVA soles. The Vibram® Lynx design has been optimised for the various areas of the sole:

  • Protective traction: toe with small propulsion caps that guarantee traction even in extreme positions
  • Lynx claws: front part of the sole has claws that increase propulsion properties
  • Braking heel: heel divided into two sections that optimise slowing down, flexion and impact absorption
  • Lateral support: internal side reinforcement to provide support on sloping terrain
  • The midsole has been specifically designed to optimise comfort during outdoor activity. Its geometry – with a prominent toe and heel – is combined with exceptional adaptability to rough terrain and perfect grip in all situations.

Technology and Compound


  • Superior grip on icy surfaces and cold terrain
  • Engineered for low to very low temperatures
  • Rubber compound suitable for indoor/outdoor