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Vibram is main partner of Milano Montagna Week

Vibram reinforces its engagement to promote the culture of mountains and outdoor sports in the city and becomes MAIN PARTNER of the first Milano Montagna WEEK, which will take place in Milan from October 14th to October 20th . The new week dedicated to mountains and outdoor culture, for the first time this year, enters officially in the program #yesmilano, promoted by the Municipality of Milan.

During the week there will be many moments of fun and entertainement, but the entire event has the ambitious aim to bring mountains (and mountain sports) closer to the city and the citizens, to educate them to a conscious and safer practice of sport in mountains, but above all wants to make mountains "accessible" to those who live in the city.

As main partner of the event, Vibram hosted at the Vibram Connection Lab the launch event of the Milano Montagna Week offering to the people the possibility to attend a conference held by Hervé Barmasse (in cooperation with The North Face) and during the week will also offer to the people the possibility to experience sports with expert trainers, to test new technologies for climbing but also moments with its athletes.

Find below all the Vibram events at Milano Montagna Week:

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