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Oct 7, 2015


Vibram will sponsor the Vibram Factory at Milano Montagna 2015, mountain festival to be held in Milano (Italy) from October 8 to 10.

Milano Montagna Vibram Factory has been created by Misiad to promote ideas and projects made by students, professionals and mountain passionate (as either an individual or a group) who have developed or are developing projects of equipment and technology for the mountain (skiing, safety, boots, clothing, orienteering, software, biking, trail, mountaineering, etc.) of which there are 3D representations or they are in the process of prototyping: a showcase and an opportunity to get in touch with R&D managers from companies that might be interested in develop new projects as well as with companies that deal with financing startup pushing innovative products.

The selected products will be presented during the festival days and will be awarded by the Milano Montagna Design Awards board, composed by Alberto Meda (President), Riccardo Blumer, Marc Sadler, Mario Varesco, by journalist Silvia Nani, and by Massimo Randone and Robert Fliri for Vibram. It will be created a special award by Vibram for products that will feature rubber as a primary ingredient.

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