FiveFingers CVT LB


The new CVT LB combines comfort and fashion with performance technology, resulting in one of the most lightweight, grippy and functional FiveFingers of all time.

Building off of the success of the popular CVT-Hemp, the CVT LB is thinner and loaded with more Vibram outsole technology than its counterpart. The sole features Vibram Megagrip, which provides superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces. And Vibram Litebase makes for a sole that is 30% lighter and 50% slimmer than comparable rubber soles. The strategically designed lugs improve overall traction, plus they send consistent sensory information to the foot, which stimulates and massages it when used on flat surfaces.

Designed for the true minimalist, the CVT LB is a super comfortable everyday shoe that can be worn at home and for casual use when out and about. With the array of Vibram outsole technology, it is also an ideal shoe for a range of activities from hiking to watersports to the gym and beyond.

Slip on a pair and see for yourself.

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