FiveFingers KMD SPORT 2.0

With the return of the KMD Sport 2.0, we’re excited to offer longtime FiveFingers enthusiasts the comfortable, flexible and versatile training solution they have been asking for.

Building off of the popularity and success of the original, the KMD Sport 2.0 is designed to meet the gym, training and workout needs of all levels of athletes and enthusiasts. Our customers will recognize the familiar dual-strap closure system, which features one main hook-and-loop over the top of the foot, and another across the heel, for extra stability.

The XS Trek performance rubber outsole is ideal for the gym, as it provides excellent grip and a circular design for a wide range of movements, from lateral to quick bursts to pivoting to basic cardio. The soft, microfiber upper fits like a glove. A 2mm foot bed adds to the overall comfort, and it feels great on the foot with our without toe socks.

And a small but important enhancement, we have removed excess printing and materials in an effort to reduce the material waste incurred during the production process.

The end result of the KMD Sport 2.0 is a familiar, functional and super comfortable gym and training shoe that both longtime FiveFingers enthusiasts and newbies alike will love.