In 1947, the first octagonal Vibram logo appears on all the Carrarmato soles, as yet another tribute to Milan and to the origins of the company. Its shape recalls the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in the heart of the city, of which Vitale Bramani is very fond; while the motifs of the gallery flooring can be found on the design of the Carrarmato sole. Some sources say that to design the logo, Vitale worked with the graphic designer and mountaineer Gunther Langes; others mention the name of his friend and mountaineer Elvezio Bozzoli Parasacchi.

The continuous change that distinguishes Vibram is also confirmed in the rapid graphic evolution of its logo. In the beginning, Vibram, acronym for Vitale Bramani, is the signature he used for his articles in mountaineering magazines, then it becomes the name of the first sports equipment store. The store's logo is the word Vibram with the summit of the Matterhorn, the iconic mountain, both enclosed within a triangle. The name Vibram is then used in the 1940s, written in the font still used today and sometimes in red or black.

Since 1947, the Vibram name has been enclosed in the octagonal shape, while in 1969, the entire octagonal logo, which originally was the same color as the soles, is colored with the characteristic golden yellow, like the innovative “Marca Oro” compound, which still identifies the company and its products today.