Men are naturally drawn to nature; sometimes to explore and discover, sometimes with a desire to escape from the city to another, more natural dimension. This is also why many sports and outdoor entertainment disciplines originated. Mountaineering is one of the oldest, documented since the times of Herodotus and Sallust, living through the fourteenth century, when in 1336 Francesco Petrarca and his brother Gherardo climbed Mont Ventoux, in Provence. In the 19th century, the first mountaineering associations are founded, while at the beginning of the 20th century, mountaineers reach grade six for the first time. It is at the beginning of the last century that the history of Vibram begins, which, since the invention of the first sole for mountaineering, has continued to design high-performance soles, designed for various outdoor disciplines, from mountain, climbing or trekking, to running, mountain biking, golf and water sports, such as sailing or fishing; promoting, in addition to soles, new technologies, innovative concepts and more sustainable lifestyles. Today, the new generations are approaching outdoor activities accompanied by shared values: first of all, respect for the environment, a healthy lifestyle, preferring green mobility and reused materials.

In the 1960s, Vitale Bramani is ahead of his time, by organizing “The Friendship Cup”, a sort of team building, offering its employees competitions and sports activities in the mountains in the name of sport and conviviality. Today the company, in addition to producing soles for the outdoor sector, supports events related to these types of activities, such as the Freeride World Tour, and the UTMB, the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, the international semi-autonomous distance running that takes place on the three sides (French, Italian and Swiss) of Mont Blanc.