Converse Addict Line


Converse Addict Line

Converse Addict Line is a retro model of the 1960s Chuck Taylor All Star, replicating details such as: the heel patch, the player’s name design on the inside of the tongue, shoe laces, toe cap, and upper details from the 60s shoes.

However, aesthetics aside, the functionality of these sneakers are as modern as they come. Outlast lining on the interior helps to regulate temperature inside the shoes. Then there is the Poron cushioning system and removal heel cup, made from polyurethane, providing unparalleled comfort.



Vibram® Canvas is a rubber compound outsole developed exclusively for Converse. It features a design respectful of traditional Converse style Anti-slip and wear resistance bottom.

Technology and Compound

XS Trek

Optimal balance of traction and durability.

Responsive on unpredictable terrain.

Engineered for stability and comfort.