Converse All Star


Converse All Star

This Converse shoe inherits most of its featuring elements from the 1960’s “All Star”: heel patch with three-star design, a toe cap with a sharp silhouette, the players’ name to be printed on the back of the right-shoe tongue, cotton shoe laces, the reinforcement by the arch shaped stitches and the attached material.

  • Use of temperature adjustable Outlast® material for the linings
  • In the heel section, detachable polyurethane cup insole with well-cushioned Poron®
  • Vibram® Canvas outsole



Vibram® Canvas is a rubber compound outsole developed exclusively for Converse. It features a design respectful of traditional Converse style Anti-slip and wear resistance bottom.

Technology and Compound

XS Trek

Optimal balance of traction and durability.

Responsive on unpredictable terrain.

Engineered for stability and comfort.