Flow Talon Focus


Flow Talon Focus

When it comes to performance and superior fit, the Talon is the top of the food chain. This 100% waterproof boot is designed with all-mountain riding in mind. Using only the highest quality most durable materials available, these boots are screaming to be put to the test. Featuring the BOA H3 Focus system gives you upper and lower fit control for the perfect fit every time.

Our 5 Feather liners offer some of the most technically advanced materials on the market including high-density thermo-forming foam, EVA reinforced zones, and a self-molding insole with OC Kush padding. The B.F.T. outsole designed in collaboration with Vibram® becomes an extension of your leg and provides support, dampens and conforms without getting in the way of your natural ability.

  • BOA H3 Focus Dual-Zone Lacing
  • BFT Outsole Collaboration with Vibram®
  • 5-Feather Moldable Liner with Self-molding insole
  • Silvadur™ Anti-Microbial and Moisture-wicking
  • Ripper Internal Lacing Harness
  • OC-Kush dampening
  • 100% Waterproof Bladder (up to instep height)
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The Vibram® BFT sole has been developed in close cooperation with Vibram® / Flow.

  • The sole is constructed in five parts which support, cushion and adapt without compromising the foot's natural mobility
  • The lugs have been specially designed to ensure safety when walking
  • The sole, developed with the rubber compound, Vibram® MultiTrek, ensures the best grip possible on snow, fits the foot like a glove, and guarantees efficient cushioning thanks to the special gel insert, OC Kush, in the heel
  • OC Kush is also used in the front of the sole in order to absorb and then spread the impact
  • The support arch protects your instep every step of the way

Technology and Compound

XS Trek

Optimal balance of traction and durability.

Responsive on unpredictable terrain.

Engineered for stability and comfort.