Hunter Snow Gloss


Hunter Snow Gloss

The original Hunter Snow Gloss is a development of the iconic Wellington for ladies.

  • With its functional benefits of both grip and warmth, combined with contemporary Hunter design, it is the perfect choice when the mercury drops below freezing
  • A 4mm neoprene lining keeps both feet and legs warm
  • The tough Vibram® Snow Shoe outsole featuring Vibram® Icetrek compound, provides maximum grip



The Vibram SnowShoe sole is a Vibram best seller, conceived and designed specifically for snow activities. Made of Vibram Mont rubber, it offers effective grip on slippery terrain. The cleats are ideal for attaching to powdery ground and their spacing favors the expulsion of snow under the pressure of the foot, an additional safety guarantee against slipping. The lateral sides wrap the shaft of the shoe and increase the isolation of the foot, which is useful when walking with snowshoes.

Technology and Compound


Tested on the world’s highest peaks.

Maintains performance at extremely low temperatures.

Firmer compound for maximum support and durability.