Sergio Grasso EcoRiding Freedom


Sergio Grasso EcoRiding Freedom

Sergio Grasso with EcoRiding offers a planet-friendly line made of innovative, high performance, non-animal materials. An alternative to leather that keeps the feel, pleasure and touch of leather. Different microfibers are used in EcoRiding for the upper, the insole and the inner lining, as result of a production process in total compliance with environmental regulations. Plus, they’re powered by Vibram soles that provide a high level of grip and durability.

New ProComf.Evo® technology: getting over every obstacle. Reaching high, going far: with every jump, every step, modern footwear helps achieve the best performance. Sergio Grasso, with ProComf.Evo®, reinvents insole technology with a promise of long lasting comfort and performance at the highest levels. A combination of leading-edge materials makes for optimum breathability, shock absorption, and comfort with every step. Every step, every jump, becomes even easier, more pleasing, more gratifying with ProComf.Evo®.

Insole: Cotton fiber insole is extra light, flexible, breathable and humidity absorbing.

Steel shank: along midline of footbed provides maximum stability of foot and adds longevity to the life of the boot.

Footbed: High-density foam and micro-fiber cushioning system combination is shock absorbing, breathable, with antibacterial and odor resistant properties all to help prevent foot fatigue.

Vibram sole: non-slip rubber sole for maximum stability and grip.

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Vibram Edo sole with Vibram XS-City compound.

Technology and Compound

XS City

Distinguished grip on city environments.

Safe walk on wet.

Optimal compromise between durability and grip.