Alpina Breeze X MID


Alpina Breeze X MID

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Take a hike. Discover new roads. Getting lost just means finding your own way, but you need confidence in every step that you take. The Alpina Breeze keeps the wind at your back. This new generation of light hiking shoes has a tread that lets you walk with ease, even on the hardest trek. Its modern design and vivid colors also make it one of the freshest pieces of sports footwear out there. So step up and wander off the beaten track, because the only path you'll ever regret is the one you never take at all.

What we aim is to have a special product able to have a perfect matching of important values like SPEED, LIGHTNESS and RELIABILITY that create a solid personality of the shoes. Every single piece give strength for create a UNIQUE ID.

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Megagrip Sole

  • Trapezoidal lugs section for IMPROVED SELFCLEANING
  • Large surface lugs for DURABILITY
  • EVA midsole to reduce weight and improve SHOCK ABSORBING

Technology and Compound


Unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces.

Superior grip with rugged longevity.

Optimal balance of stability and flexibility for ground adaptation.