Bestard Bretithorn Lite AG


Bestard Bretithorn Lite AG

Designed for winter hiking enthusiasts, Bestard introduces the new Breithorn Lite AG, a durable shoe perfect for tackling the most demanding terrains and equipped with a Vibram Arctic Grip sole.

The new Breithorn Lite AG is ideal both for longer backpacking journeys and walks in the woods and mountains.

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Arctic Grip Sole

Vibram® Mottarone sole has been researched and designed in order to accentuate the properties of the Vibram Arctic Grip technology and enable safer walking on winter surfaces, especially if icy.

  • The toe cap is reinforced for added protection, and the rubber sole is designed with a thickness that offers a good balance between being both lightweight and durable
  • The heel has an undercut design and helps to improve braking during descent
  • Vibram Arctic Grip technology is applied to the lugs positioned in the areas of greatest contact with the ground
  • The design of the Arctic Grip lugs has been studied to ensure that there is a broad base in contact with icy surfaces in order to increase grip (especially on wet ice) and the stability of the sole

Technology and Compound


Specifically engineered and designed to perform on wet ice.

Vibram perfromance, quality, durability.

Improved grip on cold, iced or snowy surfaces compared with existing Vibram soles.