Longstone Roof. 1311


Longstone Roof. 1311

Roof.1311 is the Longstone shoe designed for the safety of roof workers.

  • They are covered in waterproof leather, feature a breathable lining and come with a ventilation system for improved breathability and an anatomical system for maximum comfort
  • They also meet the EN ISO 20347:2012 HRO HI CI WR SRC standards.
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The Vibram® Roof sole, exclusively developed for the Longstone Roof boot, was specifically engineered for working on roofs and slippery surfaces in particular.

  • The design draws inspiration from Vibram's many years of expertise in approach and climbing shoes: the wide contact surface aids grip on industrial surfaces contaminated by debris, while the geometric, regular and low lugs are inspired by the lugs found on approach shoes, to ensure better hold and stability

  • The sole is made using the XS Work compound and offers outstanding anti-slip properties, combined with safety, flexibility and grip.

Technology and Compound


High performance compound for indoor work/service applications.

Superior grip on wet surfaces.

Exceeds EN13287 SRC slip and ISO 20345 material performance requirements.