Monitor Eco Green


Monitor Eco Green

Monitor’s new Eco Green shoe is made according to the principle of using as much recycled material as possible. The result is a safety shoe that is made of 70% recycled material.

The upper is made of 92% recycled PET plastic, the insole is made of recycled polyurethane and PET plastic, the textile APT nail protection is made of 100% recycled polyethylene fibre, and the Vibram outsole is made of 10% recycled rubber.

The toecap is made of aluminium and the midsole is made of polyurethane. The focus of the 5-component base plate has been on stability, built-in cushioning, comfort and moisture absorption. Boa’s now classic technology is used for the lacing.

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Ecostep Pro Sole

Vibram Sole featuring Vibram Ecostep Pro technolgy produced with up to a maximum of 30% of recycled material.

Technology and Compound


Made with up to a maximum of 30% recycled Vibram rubber.

Enhanced grip and durability performance features.

Oil resistant with excellent heat and tear resistance.