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août 30, 2016

Trailrunning Team Vibram® athletes ruled the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

Neither the suffocating heat nor the seemingly endless 170 kilometres of steep rises and descents could stop them: Trailrunning Team Vibram’s athletes Gediminas Grinius, Javier Dominguez and Uxue Fraile conquered the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc, in a competition run to the last breath. After cutting the starting line ribbon on Friday at 6 pm, the athletes completed the struggle in front of thousands of fervent supporters and fans who had been gathering along the course of the race from the early afternoon, mindless of the burning sun. Gediminas Grinius, the jewel in the crown of the Vibram Team, cut the finish line with the time of 22:26:05, following the French Ludovic Pommeret, who placed himself first. A competition where the Lithuanian runner steadily maintained his placement ahead in the race which then became unexpectedly an exciting head to head run. Gediminas, running with a pair of Hoka Huaka upgraded for the occasion with high-performing Vibram® MEGAGRIP soles, declared “It was a tough one, I admit it! But as I got here, the only feelings I was actually experience were overwhelming joy and satisfaction”.

Javier Dominguez, on the contrary, caught up in the very final part. The Spaniard finished his race in 5th position with the time of 22:54:26, and he thus expressed himself “I’m happy I'm tired, and this feeling of being at the same time happy and tired is a mess! - he laughs – Although my performance was not always as steady and balanced as I wished, I'm proud of the result”. It’s a success also for Uxue Fraile, a true veteran of the Trailrunning Team Vibram and acknowledged as the fighter of the ultra-races, who earned an amazing 3rd place with the time of 27:10:22. Overwhelming happiness for this Spaniard who is standing on the podium of the UTMB race for the third year in a row. Second Italian runner to win the Mont-Blanc race, a tireless Marco Zanchi cut the finish line with the time of 23:44:43 placing himself 11th. “UTMB, I’ve been waiting for you for two years now, I have a re-match to play” he had declared before the race. Mission accomplished then for this athlete from Bergamo. Stefano Ruzza, the other Italian on the team, celebrates his placement in 36th position with the time of 27:10:22. And finally Carlton Rowlands, Vibram athlete from the UK, who gained his finisher medal of UTMB race with the time of 29:30:31.

Amazing results for the great Yulia Baykova, who placed herself 6th with the time of 15:31:52 at her first participation to the CCC RACE (Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix). “I’m happy, actually more than happy! – she commented – After the LUT, CCC race represented the second big goal of the season. This achievement only one from my recovery is extremely positive, and it really bodes well for the upcoming races. I’m very satisfied!”. And satisfaction is certainly the feeling also of Lara Crivelli after the OCC RACE (Orsières – Champex – Chamonix), which she concluded gaining a fantastic 2nd position among women, running 55 kilometres in a 7:34:06 time. This outstanding performance cannot give but positive sensations regarding her future races.

At TDS RACE (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie) the yellow octagon company was represented by Ronan Moalic, who finished his course in 16:30:51 gaining the 8th place in the overall ranking and the second in the over 40 category. Jerome Bernard, Vibram Marketing Director for the Soles division, cannot hide his satisfaction “In these last five years, the Trailrunning Team Vibram became a great one starting from zero. Our team is a benchmark for trail running on a global scale, thanks to the astonishing level of our athletes and the unbelievable teamwork” and he continues “A team that fears nothing in terms of spirits, internationality and will to improve. And of course thanks to an unprecedented technology, Vibram Megagrip, endorsed by all athletes. It’s incredible what Vibram accomplished!”.

For Vibram, UTMB represents a positive event in all respects. Together with the enthusiasm for the athletes running in the different races, the company’s area at the Salon Ultra Trail attracted plentiful of trail running fans and curious visitors there to discover more about the Vibram Sole Factor project. From the very first hours long queues formed in front of the Vibram truck, full of people willing to resole their own shoes by upgrading them with high-performing Vibram® MEGAGRIP soles. This unique technology one again proves to be the first choice of all athletes looking for excellent grip, even on the toughest terrains, like wet and slippery surfaces. Vibram skilled staff managed to resole and upgrade more than 80 pairs of shoes in three days only! Excellent accomplishments for the company represented by the yellow octagon, growing more and more positive in the trail running world, proving the indissoluble bond of sport and nature, written in Vibram’s DNA for 80 years!.

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