Vitale Bramani

The story of Vibram is deeply rooted in the founder of the company’s life: Vitale Bramani was a talented mountaineer of the Italian Alpine Club and the entrepreneur who invented the Vibram Carrarmato sole.


Vitale Bramani patents his invention and launches the first Vibram sole.


The Octagonal Logo

The logo appears on every Vibram sole, inspired by the Milanese Vittorio Emanuele II octagonal arcade, is an homage to Vibram’s origins. In the same year, the first production facility opens in Gallarate, Varese.


The K2 Conquest

A team of Italian mountain climbers, equipped with special Dolomite boots with Vibram Carrarmato soles, conquers K2. It marks the debut of the specialization of shoes by using different models for each leg of the expedition: trekking, approaching march, altitude, high altitude.


The New Vibram Factory

The new factory opens in Albizzate, Varese. Today, the factory - a former cotton mill - is one of the production and administration hubs of the company.


Vibram In North America

The Quabaug Rubber Co. becomes the exclusive licensee and manufacturer of Vibram soles in North America.


Vibram Security

Vibram joins the safety market, launching the Security sole, the first sole guaranteed for the life of the shoe.


The Yellow Logo

The logo becomes yellow gold, to highlight the new innovative “Marca Oro” (Golden Brand) compound. Over time, this yellow plate became the distinguishing sign on every Vibram sole and the company symbol.


Vibram Evaflex

Vibram enters the Dress and Casual market with Evaflex, a super light sole made of EVA for the maximum comfort of casual shoes.


Vibram Grip

Vibram introduces the grip concept. The first super-adherent rubber sole designed for freeclimbing; it will be used by all the greatest champions.


Vibram Gumlite

An highly resistant rubber-foam and a 30% lighter than traditional rubber compound.


Vibram Fourà

The revolutionary derivative of the Carrarmato, inspired by the outdoor experience branded Vibram USA. Its design focuses on the increasing need for a self-cleaning profile, the flexibility to guarantee the wider foot’s freedom of movement, the rolling profile to favour walking.


Vibram Ecostep

An innovative eco-mix, which incorporates production scraps, capable of reducing waste and the use of virgin materials by up to 30%. Vibram pioneered the use of ecological materials.


Landing in the Far East

Vibram starts soles production in China: matching the highest quality standards reached in Italy and the logistic requests of brand partners.


Vibram Monster

Vibram presents Monster trekking sole; its revolutionary design helps the foot in following a correct biomechanical cycle through sole’s directional fins.


Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram develops FiveFingers, a foot glove, a true "second skin", revolutionizing the concept of walking "barefoot". In 2006, FiveFingers is presented globally, being named one of the “Best Invention of 2007” by Time Magazine.


Vibram Store Milano

Vibram opens a flagship store in Milan, located in via Raffaello Sanzio.


Vibram Technological Center

The Technological Center opened in China, a symbol of Vibram’s commitment to research and innovation. Empowered by a Performing Test Center with the dual mission of expanding the range of Vibram technologies and reinforcing cooperation with other companies.


Vibram Store Boston

Vibram opens its second experiential store in the heart of Boston.


Vibram Megagrip

Vibram develops Megagrip compound, the highest standard for outdoors: unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces, optimal balance of stability and flexibility for ground adaptation.


Vibram Sole Factor

Sole Factor is an itinerant truck equipped with a cobbler laboratory, where Vibram Sole Factor’s shoe specialists personalize end consumer’s shoes, offering the chance to customize each type of shoe with a Vibram sole, depending on desired performance and personal taste.


Vibram Arctic Grip

A true innovation in terms of grip on frozen surfaces, in particular on wet ice, to achieve more safety during winter hikes.


Vibram Litebase

An innovative co-molding solution, studied with the aim to keep the performance reducing sole’s weight up to 30%.


Vibram Connection Lab Milano

Vibram Connection Lab is a nevralgic center of innovation and creativity in the heart of Milan’s Tortona Design District. The Lab is a symbol of networking and interaction for the Vibram Community. In the same year, Vibram opens a store and work space in Montebelluna, the outdoor shoe system’s historic city.


Vibram Wrap Tech

Developed at Vibram Connection Lab in Milan, Vibram Wrap Tech is a sole wrapping the shoe upper, making it more functional and eco-friendly.


Vibram Connection Lab Boston

Vibram Connection Lab opens in Boston (USA), it dialogues with the Lab in Milan, sharing common intents and principles with Milan’s Lab.